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Sean S.

Springfield, VA


I'm in a 1BR condo, and my poor carpets have been sorely abused. I called Beto's and they came the same day. They showed up exactly on time, finished in about 30 minutes, and did a terrific job. Price was quite reasonable, as well. I couldn't be happier, and I highly recommend them.

kat c.

Arlington, VA


When we did our walk through of our new apartment, the prior tenants had failed to professionally steam clean the carpets. It was a Sunday morning, we were scheduled to move in the next day and needed to make quick arrangements to get the carpets cleaned before we moved in the next day at a price that we could get the landlord to agree to cover.

We found Beto's on Yelp and gave them a call. Beto answered and quickly agreed to come over in a few hours for a more-than-reasonable price. He arrived when he said he would, with his team and his steam cleaning machine. They got the job done (a relatively small job) in less than a half hour. They were friendly and professional (although their equipment is not top of the line, it worked just fine.) Beto even recommended stair covers for our new stairs.

They may not have all the bells and whistles you'd need for a super serious job, but for a standard professional cleaning, Beto's a great guy and it's a good deal.

Jeffrey S.

Arlington, VA


Found this little gem here on Yelp after the roomie moved out and needed to get the carpet cleaned. I gave Beto's Carpet Cleaning a call after reading a few of the positive reviews by my fellow Yelpers. Humberto answered, on what sounded like, his cell phone. Although he didn't speak English until he figured out that I didn't speak spanish, he was quite cordial. And price he quoted to clean the berber carpet in one of my bedrooms was reasonable. Very reasonable. In fact, it was so reasonable that I booked his next available appointment.

Humberto came by with another technician and all the equipment the very next morning. He cleaned my bedroom carpet in about 30 minutes. I was a bit surprised by how fast it took but he showed me the collection container... A really dirty mixture of water/cleaning solution. It's important to note that it was not a "steam" cleaning... at least I don't think it was. But nonetheless, it was a fantastic job in a short amount of time. He left the bedroom window open and said it would take about 6 hours or so for it to completely dry.

A few weeks later, I called him back to have my carpet cleaned in my second bedroom. And I plan on having him clean the carpet in my music room once the walls are painted. Needless to say, I'm quite happy with the results. I have to admit that this was the first time ever having my carpets cleaned so I can't really compare it to any other cleaning service. But one thing's for sure, the price can't be beat for the results that you get.

M. F.

Arlington, VA


I called Beto's Carpet Cleaning on a Thursday to schedule a cleaning of my studio apartment on Saturday; they were able to come at the time I requested, and they showed up at my door right on time.

They brought a huge tank that they filled up at the sink and a rotary brush that shampooed the carpet. I had moved a lot of stuff out of the apartment beforehand, but they moved tables and chairs around as they worked, and it took only 20 minutes for them to finish up (it's a small apartment). The result was really great - I have an off-white carpet that gets a lot of traffic, and there were a lot of little spot-stains and areas where the carpet had been worn down and grayed. But it looked like new! It also wasn't too damp when they left, and it dried after a few hours.

I really appreciated how easy it was to set up the appointment, how efficient they were, and how nice the carpet looks. I recommend them.

(FYI they told me they only take cash or check - no credit cards.)

Guillaume L.

Fairfax, VA


Mr. Humberto (the Owner) and his crew arrived right on time, gave me a time of ETA of 0800-0900 hours and he and his crew arrived at 0820 hours, he even called me 20 minutes prior to his arrival. Now-a-days, it's rare to get such quality service and professionalism. The whole crew (3 people including the owner) were extremely courteous, professional and friendly. The price is very reasonable compared to Hadeed (expensive) and price changes from what they quoted you over the phone, one advice, have it in writing before they even begin the job if you must have Hadeed. Bottom line is we are very happy with the job/service and our whole house is a whole lot cleaner!!!

A M.

Stockton, CA


New to town, and needed someone quick to do a good job. Started at the top of the list, he immediate called me back and we had an appointment scheduled for Saturday. He arrived promptly and called ahead to let me know of his ETA. The vacuum technology not only steam cleans, but also scrubs the carpet giving it a great clean feel. Five stars all the way!

YoYo K.

Denver, CO


AMAZING! My dog got very sick....vomit, diarrhea, urine - everything. Even after 7 days Beto's was able to get it all out from my very light beige carpet. I couldn't believe how spotless and clean and quick it was. The machine he uses is an extractor not a steam cleaner so it really pulls the crap, no pun intended, out and you are left with pristine. I really did not think the diarrhea stains would come out but they did!! Have recommended him to my neighbors and will use him again!!!

Renita W.

Arlington, VA


My toddler has been reeking havoc on our carpets for the last two years. Although Beto's was not able to cure all my stains...the carpet sure does look and feel cleaner. The crew was on time and the price was right. I plan on using them again in a few months for another carpet refresh.

Jenn H.

Alexandria, VA


I would highly recommend Beto's Carpet Cleaning. I have a new puppy who has had an upset stomach on more than one occasion so you can imagine the stains. I had family coming in town and needed the carpets cleaned quickly. I called around and received some ridiculous quotes for a one bedroom condo. Humberto was able to get me scheduled right away and quoted me a great price. He called an hour before arrival as promised and even showed up early. He was done in about 20 mins and I could not be happier with the job. He even charged me less than the quote he gave me over the phone. I will definitely be using his services again.

Steve G.

Washington D.C., DC


Called Beto at noon on a Saturday to get a quote for cleaning carpet on 2 staircases in our DC condo. I got better than just a quote. He was at my place in 30 minuets and was done in less than an hour. Wow! He and his team did a great job and our carpets look good as new again.

Shelly M.

Arlington, VA


He was fantastic came to my house the next day, and cleaned my 2 bedroom condo in about 45 mins and it looked great, got all the stains. His prices were right were they needed to be, I will be calling him again!

Greg C.

San Francisco, CA


Humberto - the owner of Beto's - is the man. The service was extremely prompt and they did an awesome job - our heavily stained white carpets look like new!

The price was also satisfying compared to when we attempted to clean the carpets ourselves (not nearly as successfully) a year prior.

Heavily recommended.

Brian W.

Washington, DC


I cannot say enough positive things about Humberto and his team. I called them this morning at 8 am with some water in my carpet. 20 minutes later they were at my door, rolling in equipment. They got the water out of the carpet, and pulled up the carpet so they could run a blower to dry out the underside and the floor. They were done by 9 am, and are leaving me the blower for the next two days. And they cost half as much as the equally friendly guy who came over to fix the A/C unit that caused the water leak in the first place. Highly recommended for a local company.

Bill D.

Arlington, VA


Made an appointment the day before the cleaning, which was great, but then the guy forgot the time. I wasn't at the apartment to let him in and so I had to cancel. I called around to schedule with someone else and realized he was about $50 more expensive than everyone else. Maybe he's fine 90% of the time, but he wasn't when I tried to use the service.

Vivian W.

Springfield, VA


Love them! Arrived on time (same day) and did a great job cleaning my carpet using just water. The water was dark brown so the carpet was cleaned well. It felt like new!

Amy W.

Fairfax, VA


Hired Humberto based on such a high review here on Yelp and he did not disappoint. He worked us into his schedule extremely quickly (and on a weekend), showed up right on time (he even called an hour before to ask if he could come early) and the carpets looked like new after he was done.

We just moved out of our townhouse and getting the carpets cleaned was a last ditch effort to see if we could avoid replacing them. So glad not to be buying all new carpet! We had so many stains and ground in dirt in so many places . . . the guy worked magic.

We paid $250 for a full cleaning of 3 bedrooms, a living room, an office, and two flights of stairs. I haven't found a price better than that! Beto's Carpet Cleaning is fabulous!

Smita K.

Centreville, VA


Beto is very professional with quality service, knows what he is doing, knew how and what method to use to get particular stains out and so meticulous that he went over an entire area twice because he was not satisfied with his own work !!! The carpets on our move out were better than what we got when we moved in !!! His price is average, but his work is beyond average...Very happy with the results. also, no attitude just great job and great results.

Maria B.

Seattle, WA


I highly recommend Beto's. They did an excellent job of cleaning my carpets, were on time, and the price was reasonable. And unlike some of the places I called for an estimate, they were very honest about pricing.

Traveler R.

New Braunfels, TX


They were on time which is rare these days. Its was a father and son team. They went to work almost the minute they went through the door. 20min later they were done. Carpets were like new. The price quoted over the phone was the charged amount. I will be using them again.

Chris F.

Falls Church, VA


They somehow forgot the appointment made less than 48 hours prior. However, they did come once I called to remind them. They did do a good job after showing up 90 minutes late. Price was competitive with other similar services.

Would use again, but would call 30 minutes before the appointment to confirm an ETA.

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