Mark C.

Arlington, VA


Prompt reply, easy to schedule a date that was convenient to my calendar, and arrived on time. I left them alone with instructions to contact me at work if there were any problems. When I stopped by the following day, the carpets looked great. Some pretty dirty areas were cleaned nicely. The price was good, but the work was excellent.

Liz C.

Seattle, WA


I've been using Beto's for carpet cleaning for three years. Since I'm renting, my goal is to keep the carpet looking decent and control our allergies. Betos does a great job cleaning around the furniture for a lower price then comparable companies. They are punctual, polite, and professional. Recommended for a quick clean.

Vicki D.

Arlington, VA


I highly recommend BETO's. I have used BETO's several times - they are always prompt and do a wonderful job! Reasonably priced and I even received a few cooking tips while I was working in the kitchen!

Lydia L.

Arlington, VA


I've used Beto's for two years. These guys are great! Super easy to set up an appointment. The owner even offered services after normal work hours once because I had a tight deadline. They always arrive on time, and are proficient with their work. The quality of their work is amazing. My carpet looks like new every time after the cleaning. The price is also very good.

Grace B.

Arlington, VA


This is a wonderful carpet cleaning service. I used them for VERY old cream colored carpets and they looked brand new when they were finished. It took them approximately 40 minutes to complete a carpet cleaning for a 2 BR condo.

Wonderful - very prompt & VERY FAIR PRICE!

Ister G.

Vienna, VA


I just had Humberto come to the condo where I was living to clean our carpet, and they did an excellent job. He was on time, got the job done, and left the carpet in great condition. Everyone in his crew was super nice, and helpful. I will definitely be using Beto's Carpet Cleaning again.

Dick T.

Alexandria, VA


Very good, gets the job done. I will order his service again.

Chip H.

Falls Church, VA


These folks are great. Fast, economical and responsive. I will use them again.

Richard H.

Arlington, VA


I cannot recommend Beto highly enough. I called, and the next morning he showed up with a three-man team (all family members) so they could easily move heavy furniture.

They made my wall-to-wall carpet look like new, and it only took a few hours.

They were courteous, punctual, and efficient.

You cannot find a better service, and they are reasonably priced.

Rick H.

Arlington VA

Joy S.

Manhattan, NY


Called to get a quote. The person who answered the phone was nice and patiently answered all my questions.

Robert T.

Arlington, VA


I had a carpet that was covered with food stains and, frankly, though I might have to tear out and replace entirely. Beto's came in and in about fifteen minutes got all of the stains out and cheaper than I was anticipating. These guys are great, and I'd go back to them in a heartbeat.

Darrell A.

Arlington, VA


OMG!! I found out today that the company (he who shall not be named) that I contracted to clean my apartment for move out could not make it (thanks). I called Beto's at 8am and they showed up at 1130. My apartment just passed inspection and I received my FULL deposit. Professional and Helpful. I highly recommend this company.

Jon F.

Arlington, VA


I had put off carpet cleaning for many years because it always looked too expensive and reviews were always mixed. I decided to give Beto's a try, and was really impressed. He was able to come within two days (which helped a lot as we had already cleared a lot of stuff out of our condo for some unrelated flooring work), only charged $140 for a ~800 sq ft 2 BR condo, worked efficiently (as a family, I believe) and just cleaned the hell out of that carpet.

So we got a fantastic, quick clean for a great price. They even got out a big mystery stain right by the front door that home products like Spot Shot were completely ineffective on. I would recommend Beto's without hesitation to anyone.

Alex S.

Arlington, VA


Beto was absolutely excellent. He was very efficient, reasonably priced, and left my carpets sparkling. He got our stains out and did a flea and tick treatment on the carpets for a better price than any of the competitors I called.


Arlington, VA


As a fairly regular customer due to a dog with a sensitive stomach, I was somewhat devastated to learn that Beto's is closed for the season! I came to yelp to research a different carpet cleaner until Beto's is back in business (March 7, I believe), and realized how many other rave reviews they have. I felt it was my duty to chime in because these guys are truly fantastic.

In a nutshell, I have a large dog who loves to eat anything and everything. With 2 little kids running around, he definitely gets his share of non-canine snacks. He has vomited several times in one specific area of carpet, and Beto's has been amazing at removing terrible stains. I have seriously thought replacing the carpets was going to be necessary, until Beto's came to the rescue.

These guys are reliable, prompt, friendly and reasonably priced. I really hope they are back soon!!

Luke T.

Ashburn, VA


we just had to move out of our rental home in Ballston. The carpets were in atrocious condition when we moved in, and still were when we moved out. stains, dark colors, etc, but the owner refused to replace them. We called Beto's on Thursday, and he agreed to come out on a Sunday at 3 pm, which was incredible, as our walk-through inspection was at Monday at 9 AM. The only downside was he called us and said he would be there an hour early, which was an inconvenience since we werent ready.

However, their service was exceptional. I've been through a few rentals since I live in Arlington, requiring carpet cleaning upon moving out, and this was by far the most thorough cleaning I've seen. His price was very fair, they were quick, quiet and very good at what they do. Also, our lease required that we "de-flea and de-tick" the place, since we had a dog, although our dog doesnt have fleas. He provides this service as well, which was nice and convenient.

Definitely would recommend Beto's if you need carpet cleaning.

Lori Y.

Fairfax, VA


I needed a place to clean our apartment carpets before we moved out. I received a quote that was far less than other places and made an appointment with Beto's. They came right on time and went straight to work! Carpets looked brand new and they got out foot traffic stains that I thought wouldn't ever come out. Thanks!

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