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Carpet Cleaning

For all of your carpet cleaning needs, you can count on the services from Betos Carpet Cleaning. We specialize in carpet cleaning and have been doing so for more than 14 years. We can clean carpets in your residential or commercial property effectively and thoroughly.

Deep Steam Cleaning

Allow for our cleaning experts to ensure a detailed carpet cleaning process through our deep steam cleaning services. At a low price, our cleaning experts will remove all dirt, dust, grime and debris from the very root of the rug. Deep Steam Cleaning is the best solution towards achieving a complete cleanse.

Deodorizing Carpet

Keep odors under control or eliminate them completely with the assistance of our experts. We offer deodorizing carpet services, where the only thing your carpet will smell of is fresh and new. Work with our experts to put a halt to those smells that are intruding to the rest of the house.

Pet and Child Safe Detergent

Here at Betos Carpet Cleaning we work with the most efficient and safe detergent when it comes to your carpet cleaning. The detergent we use is child and pet safe, which is a bonus if you have one or the other. Let’s get to cleaning your carpet, call us now so we can get started.

Pet Odor & Stain Removal

If you have a pet that has yet to learn where it is okay to do his necessities, and your carpet has attained a horrid smell, don’t worry! Betos Carpet Cleaning offers high quality carpet cleaning that will thoroughly remove all stains and bad odors from your valued carpet.

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